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“In the long term, artificial intelligence and automation are going to be taking over so much of what gives humans a feeling of purpose.” These words by Matt Bellamy, a renowned singer, raise many questions regarding the world’s future. Will new technologies like AI make the world a better place or cause their downfall? The world’s developing rapidly, but one thing hasn’t changed very much—our flawed education system.

The Education System varies from place to place. Some countries have improved it significantly, while others have worsened it. When it comes to India, the education system has been taking a toll on students, overloading them with assignments, exams and unnecessary subjects. The society also adds its share by defining what students should study. Most of the students don’t have an option to study something else apart from Science. Though new subjects have been introduced, many Indian parents put pressure on their children to take Science. But that’s just one of the problems.

Like it or not, we need a better education system. We need a system that is more student-like, not something that shatters their dreams. This article will help you see a glimpse of the future of education and how AI and other technologies can help the student. This article will also talk about DMIT, the combination of DMIT and AI, and a feature about Mastermind Group, one of India’s best DMIT companies.

The Current Problems faced by the Indian Education System:

Before we talk about improving the future, we need to accept the current problems related to education. Yes, we don’t have the authority to change this system, but we can raise our voice against it. Convince the society that life is much beyond “Science”. Convince the society to let the students decide what they want. And most importantly, convince the society that marks don’t define a student, skills do. Given below are some of the problems faced by the system.

Marks v/s Skills:

The biggest flaw of the education system is how marks determine the student’s intelligence, not their skill set. To prove this point, just look at the number of colleges having a percentage cutoff of 95 percent for various courses. The competition is high, but does it mean that students should be picked based on marks?

If you have studied in an Indian school, you know how much the teacher favours the student who scores the most marks in the respective subjects. If you don’t do well in your studies, you’re automatically a bad student. For instance, if you don’t like Mathematics or are extremely weak at the subject, a choice should be given to drop it. But what happens is a dent on the student’s mental health. The teacher further exploits this weakness by giving “punishments”. These punishments include imposition, standing in one corner or even getting hit by a cane. Will standing in one corner help the student learn Mathematics?

The “weak” student might have great leadership skills, but the teachers won’t consider you for a school leadership position. Instead, the teacher will ask the student who does academically well to take up that position. Marks don’t define a student, but in India they do. So who should we blame? The teachers? In their perspective, they are just doing their jobs. They want every student to do well in exams because the education system demands them to do it. If they fail, they will have to answer the school why the student’s performance is bad. For that not to happen, they resort to various “punishments” to make sure they study something to pass. The overshadowing of skills has been a great concern in this flawed education system.

Underqualified Teachers:

Another problem faced by the system is how they select teachers. Most of the schools think high educational qualifications means good teaching capability. Teaching and Educational qualifications are completely unrelated. A good teacher should teach well, understand and strive to bring out the best in students. While there are good teachers, schools and colleges tend to put them in a position to teach multiple subjects. This further affects the teaching pattern of professors. For example, if you’re a professor specialised in Machine Learning, but your college wants you to teach Artificial Intelligence, will you teach it well? Teachers too have a strong point based on subjects.

Some teachers are really underqualified. They just come to school or college for the sake of paygrade. Certain schools have developed the method of “PowerPoint Presentation”. While its a good method to rely on, some teachers make a mockery out of it. They use PowerPoint to cover up their flaws. Reading from the PowerPoint doesn’t mean teaching. Similarly, some teachers have a reckless attitude against students, causing them to hate the subject.

“Spare the rod and spoil the child” – this phrase is common among teachers. Many teachers think violence is the best way to make students learn quickly. Hitting the student with a cane, making him or her stand for an hour – these methods still continue in this 21st century. Do we really need to instill fear in students to make them gain knowledge? Each student have their own pace of understanding a subject, but forcing them to learn quickly can spoil the experience of learning new things. Teachers must be assigned based on their skills and their subjects. Similarly, they should have empathy and help the students, rather that creating fear in them.

Low quality v/s High quality Education:

A huge gap exists between educational institutions. Reputed colleges are hard to get in. “If you want quality education, pay more!” – Some colleges follow this ideology. Students who have exceptional skills will not get in these reputed colleges due to high cutoff and fees. Education shouldn’t be treated like a business. It isn’t a business. Some argue that these high fees will eliminate competition between students. Moreover, this gives a sign saying “Only the rich can study, while others can search elsewhere”.

The education standards must be the same for all schools and colleges. Every student deserves an opportunity. But if this continues, the future of education can be detrimental. So how can we avoid this scenario? If you think about it, we can’t do anything. We are indeed at the mercy of corporates disguised as educational institutions. The only thing we can do is to raise our voice against these practices.

Unnecessary Subjects:

Most of the subjects we study don’t even have an impact on the later stages of life. Students have to study minimum of seven subjects based on their board. Some educational boards even have more than ten subjects in their curriculum. To explain this topic, let’s take a scenario. You want to study Chemistry, but it isn’t an individual subject. You have to study both Physics and Biology too. Together they are packaged as Science, and the final marks will be based on the average of these subjects. Even if you do well in Chemistry, low marks in other subjects can make a huge dent in the marks card.

If you want the student do well in exams, especially understanding various concepts and think beyond, let them focus on the subjects they like. More subjects will create confusion and unnecessary pressure in students. This pressure can be eliminated once we make a curriculum that will be designed based on the skills of students.

Toxic Environment:

School or College is supposed to be a great part of a student’s life. The student should cherish the school memories, be happy and learning must be fun and exciting. But what does Indian Education System offer? They offer exams, assignments, assessments and time-consuming home works. These components do not create a sense of learning, instead it will make the student hate the subject. When you learn something new, understanding the concept matters more than anything. Most of the school or college hours involve students sitting in the four walls of the classroom.

Going out for Physical Exercise provided the best feeling in a student. The student can play, explore and have a sense of relief from those four walls. But unfortunately, these periods only exist for three hours in the entire week! On top of that, these periods are taken by teachers to complete their portions. Students have no choice but to attend classes, overbearing them with pressure and making them restless. The attention span of students is also affected.

Indian Education System should resort to the educational methods used by Finland. Finland has been ranking number one in education due to how student-friendly it is. There are very few or almost no homework at all! The Assignment won’t even last fifteen minutes! Finland focuses on both mental and physical well being of students. Classes are mostly short, and most of the classes occur in a open environment. The students spend more time outside than in class. There are no punishments, no pressure, it’s just teachers genuinely caring for students and making sure that they remain happy all the time. Education is not only limited to academics, but also helping students to gain a positive outlook and character in their lives.

AI and Education:

The Education System should be reshaped to make it more student-friendly. Apart from the problems mentioned above, some more flaws need to be fixed. For this to occur, we need to implement new technologies and integrate them with our education system. New technologies don’t mean online classes or PowerPoint presentations. These are already existing methods. What we really need to focus on is how to eliminate the mentioned problems using these technologies. And one of the promising technology is AI, that is, Artificial Intelligence.

For those who aren’t aware of Artificial Intelligence, AI is intelligence based on machines, where it can perform tasks that are difficult and time-consuming for humans. AI can be an eye-opener to our current education system. Provided that the implementation is right, AI can help educational institutions to frame curriculum that is student-friendly.

Artificial Intelligence has its pros and cons, but the pros outweigh cons when it comes to education. The Future of Education is in safe hands once we implement AI. The following section will talk more about AI, how AI can be implemented in schools and colleges, and Mastermind Group’s role in developing AI-based curriculum for students.

Why do we need AI?

In the next five years, Artificial Intelligence can make a great impact on the world. AI has already been implemented in machines, software, games and compilers. Artificial Intelligence helps machines to reduce the tasks of humans by making their own decisions. These tasks can be both small and large. AI can influence many sectors, including healthcare, education and law. In case we want surgery to be perfect, AI can help to do it. This will reduce the stress of doctors and help them manage the instruments properly.

People think AI can eliminate various jobs. Well, it is true but that process will be slow. AI can go wrong any time, and that’s why we need human supervision. Balance of artificial intelligence and human intelligence is needed utmost at all times. Companies have been putting limitations on machines so that they don’t cause harm to the society. AI takes a lot of time to learn, and one error in the code can bring the entire process into a shutdown.

AI can be a huge boon for society. For example, AI can help us discover more in space. Without the help of humans, AI can help spacecraft navigate based on their capacity. We already have AI and machine learning implemented on our phones. When we play games, there exists enemy AI that can predict our moves. At this rate, Artificial Intelligence can help our world develop to a better place in the future.

Benefits of AI in Education:

Artificial Intelligence has been helping educational institutions to automate emails and marks card. But what educational institutions fail is to enhance AI in other domains. These are some of the areas where AI can help in education.

  1. Artificial Intelligence can help in identifying the learning styles of students. Based on the learning capacity, Artificial Intelligence can design a fully-fledged curriculum. These measures will ensure that the students will gain the best knowledge and utilize their skills most effectively.
  2. Artificial Intelligence can help and produce content that is original and updated. Since the syllabus gets updated, AI can generate books, guides and question papers to help the students.
  3. AI can handle more automation tasks like replying to students, grading their assignments and review their work to find any flaws.
  4. AI doesn’t discriminate any student, and at the same time, provide them with knowledge based on their language. This will help students to develop better learning styles. Even students with special needs can benefit from AI. Artificial Intelligence can develop braille scripts, procedural audio to help those with special needs.
  5. Educational Institutions can employ AI chatbots that can help in teaching the student. In case you have a doubt, the chatbot can help you find the solution.
  6. Artificial Intelligence can be used anywhere at any time. Students can learn anything with the help of AI.
  7. AI will ease the burden in students while helping them to learn effectively. In other words, there would be better engagement and less pressure.
  8. With the right team and skills, the developed AI can help educational institutions in the longer run. Future is in safe hands for institutions once they use Artificial Intelligence for different functionalities at the earliest.

The role of Mastermind Group in Developing AI for Education:

Mastermind Group is a registered DMIT company under the Government of India. They are one of the few companies that have IEC code to do business with foreign countries. Mastermind Group has been offering DMIT Franchise, DMIT software, Midbrain Activation Software, and various software for 5 years now, making us the best DMIT company in India. Apart from DMIT, Mastermind Group has been playing a great role in developing Artificial Intelligence to help students.

The combination of DMIT and AI can help improve the education system immensely. Mastermind Group has various teams hailing from California working on technology based on AI to help the students. Within five years, this concept will come to reality. The team has been given tentative tenure of five years to get the desired technology. Once released, Mastermind Group will set a benchmark in education.

This section will give you an insight of DMIT, benefits of DMIT and how DMIT and AI can be combined. The technology will depend on these concepts and it is important that the reader understand these terms. Together with these concepts, the education system can be improved and hence the future of education will be in safe hands.

What is DMIT?

For those who are unable to make decisions, make the use of DMIT. Many are unaware of DMIT full form. The DMIT full form is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. This test can derive results based on fingerprints. If you opt for good DMIT software, a fingerprint analysis can lead to accurate results in an individual. These results include factors such as Multiple Intelligence, Personality, Quotients and Inborn Potential.

DMIT test is useful for any age group. It will help anyone to analyse themselves and learn more about their capabilities. Eventually, DMIT test can help you build a career path based on your interests. Schools can also opt for DMIT test software to understand student’s potential and skills. DMIT test software can be a handy tool for counsellors. It helps them in career counselling. DMIT tests have proved to be accurate and efficient in many individuals.

As mentioned in the previous blogs, please do not go for free DMIT test online. There are free DMIT Test Online that has outdated algorithms. Free DMIT Test Online is inaccurate. Some websites offer ‘DMIT Software Free Download’, including ‘DMIT Software Full Crack’. DMIT Software Free Download has a truckload of malware. DMIT Software Full Crack isn’t the ideal way for tests. There are many disadvantages based on DMIT Software Free Download. Instead of downloading DMIT Software full crack versions, it is advisable to purchase the software from legal distributors, like this DMIT website. Always remember, say no to DMIT Software free download and DMIT Software full crack. Free DMIT test online might seem enticing, but please go for DMIT websites that are certified and legal.

Benefits of DMIT:

The number of benefits of DMIT are enormous. Let’s look into some benefits what a good DMIT test software offers.

  1. A DMIT test helps in finding the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals.
  2. A DMIT test relies on the concept of multiple intelligences of an individual.
  3. DMIT test software can analyse which part of the brain has more dominance.
  4. DMIT test helps in determining the personality of an individual.
  5. A DMIT test can also tell which brain lobes function in a better way.
  6. DMIT test determines in knowing Emotional Quotient, Intelligence Quotient, Creative Quotient and Adversity Quotient.
  7. If you struggle to know your worth and talents, a DMIT test can be useful.
  8. DMIT test can help in marriage counselling, helping you find the right person based on your personality.
  9. DMIT test helps in career counselling, helping you find the right career path and profession.
  10. Also, DMIT test can help you live a good lifestyle and adapt to studying styles based on the results.

Using DMIT and Artificial Intelligence:

By using the combination of DMIT and Artificial Intelligence, we can bring out a huge change in the future of education. With DMIT tests we can analyze each student’s potential, personality, capabilities and intelligence. Based on the the DMIT test, we can use Artificial Intelligence to form curriculum for the students based on their interests. AI can identify different areas where students don’t do well, and eliminate such areas. Combining AI and Machine Learning, the student can be analyzed based on the DMIT test results.

DMIT tests have been popular due to high accuracy of results. Using the already accurate results, Machine Learning can be used to find the nearest result of the already accurate results, Making sure that there is no overfitting or underfitting, Machine Learning and AI can bring the results based on the learning styles. These results can define periods, assignments, hours and syllabus for students based on their interests and attention span.

Mastermind Group, as mentioned before, strives to get this technology into the market within five years. To secure the future of education, we need to use technologies beneficial to both students and teachers. We don’t want any student to go through such situations again. Similarly, we are willing to listen to your opinions based on our technology. Contact us in case you want more clarity or add on ideas to make Artificial Intelligence useful for all, especially the students.

If you like the blog, please do share and also comment if you have any queries. Please check our DMIT website to know about plans and details regarding DMIT Software. We at Mastermind Group are ready to help you in your ventures.

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