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“It took a day for the world to forget about Mr Trump, Former President of the World’s Biggest Economy. Stay Humble Always. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet to the ground!”

The United States Presidential Election has been a turmoil from the start. Chaos, Discrimination and Hate occurred among supporters of Democrats and the Republicans. Similarly, violence broke out in many places, including the infamous siege of US Capitol. However, these incidents have finally come to an end. Joe Biden has taken over Donald Trump as the 46th President of the United States. Kamala Harris has been elected as the Vice President, making her the first female Vice President of the United States. Trump, who was hailed as the most impactful president, has lost. But will the world still remember his presidency?

After the swear-in of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, people have tone down their aggression. No one talks about Trump. Before the swear-in, Trump has been gaining limelight due to various controversies. The controversies are a result of him trying to hold his renowned position. But after the swear-in, there is no discussion about Trump. Nobody wants to know what Trump plans next. Most of the US citizens have decided to move on from the elections and accept the results. These US Elections have taught us one thing – the art of staying humble.

Trump lost his position, anyone can lose their position. But what we need to learn is how to stay humble at different junctures of life. Being egoistic will affect your life immensely. People should learn how to accept defeat, and stay humble, no matter what the results are.

How to stay humble?

Staying humble doesn’t require much physical energy. Rather, a person should have a simple mindset to attain humbleness. Let’s go through some questions to see how humble you are.

  1. A waiter by mistake spills coffee on you. Will you stay calm or shout at the waiter?
  2. If a student scores better than you in exams, will you appreciate or ignore the student out of jealousy?
  3. Do you judge people?

The first two questions are scenario-based. When a waiter spills coffee on you, the natural reaction will be to get angry. But staying calm during that scenario requires a great deal of mental strength. When a person commits a mistake, people will keep on bringing up that person’s mistake to ridicule them. A mistake has been made, neither you nor the waiter can rectify the mistake. If you think this way, mistakes are a part of one’s life. We all make mistakes. Unleashing anger on people will not help at all, except hurt their sentiments. So, in other words, do nothing. Just smile and say ” It’s Okay! It happens!”. That’s the first step of staying humble.

Society has taught us that staying competitive will help us gain success. This is entirely a wrong message put out by the society. Students are forced to be competitive by their parents. Being competitive destroys the idea of humbleness. Healthy competition is fair, where people appreciate each other despite the results. But competition based on jealousy and arrogance can lead to huge ego complex. Developing such ego during this age might affect the student in the future. In other words, winning isn’t everything. Learning to appreciate others even if they did better than you is another step of staying humble.

Why is it hard not to judge people?

The final question is simple and straightforward – Do you judge people? We meet different kinds of people in our lives. Some have been beneficial, while others have affected you negatively. Like it or not, we have judged people directly or indirectly at least once in our lives. For example, a person who you love might have broken your trust regarding something. What will be your initial reaction? You will start judging that person for whatever wrong he or she has done. But what we fail to understand are their perspectives.

Start appreciating more than judging. The person might have helped us a lot, but due to one bad mistake the relationship will be affected. Instead of judging on their flaws, always think about the good things the person has brought in your life. We need to train our mindset to overlook mistakes and only look in the goodness of others. If a person you love makes a mistake, instead of leaving him or her, try to understand them. Try to make sure that they don’t repeat it again. Some of the best relationships come when people accept each other’s flaws. And that requires humbleness from both sides.

Society has always been judging people based on even the minute mistakes made. If you don’t believe me, check the trending tab of Twitter. This will make you understand that we live in a world where they’ll appreciate you once, and make a mockery of you the next minute.

Developing Humility:

To develop humility, first, we need to have a modest living. We need to be content with whatever we have. We should not complain, yet accept and appreciate whatever we have now. Remember that materialistic things do not have a meaning when you die. Whatever you own will not come with you to the grave. For those who feel they don’t have anything, remember that it is a phase of life. All you have to do is stay humble and wait for good things to happen. Patience is another key attribute related to Humility. With a positive subconscious mind, having humility can make one’s life better in different circumstances.

During a podcast, Mike Tyson, an American former professional boxer, talked about the quality of humility. He said people complain about different things, especially those who talk about the lack of luxurious life. These people cannot stay happy because they want to buy more things. Materialistic things or being rich doesn’t make you happy. From his experience, he has seen that the poor people are most often the happiest. They don’t have to worry much, as long as they have food to eat every day. Comparing these situations, he stated that whatever you do, staying humble in all situations can make you happy and self-content. Expect less, appreciate more.

Staying Humble – When to draw the line?

A lot of people can take advantage of when a person is too humble. This includes stealing hard work from humble people, making fun of them since they won’t react back – these people will try making the best of it. So how to avoid this situation?

Staying humble is necessary. But never ignore when these things happen. We need to draw a line when required. If a person continually asks you for your work, say that you’re not willing to give, but will always be happy to help in assisting. The work you do isn’t meant to be shared. Similarly, if a person taunts or insults you, please let them know that it makes you uncomfortable. If they continue, either ignore or report such behaviour to your organisation supervisor. But most importantly, keep your cool when you do these things. Drawing a line doesn’t make you selfish—help, only when needed.

Benefits of Staying Humble:

Staying humble can bring out various changes in one’s life. Some of the benefits of staying humble include:

1. Have different, yet positive perspective of situations:

When you lose a job or a friend, instead of blaming yourself, think differently. Life isn’t going to end when you lose something. People aren’t constant in our lives. Instead of thinking why the person left, learn to appreciate the good times and wish them luck. Similarly, if you lose a job, always remember there is a better job waiting for you. Life is a roller coaster ride. Staying Humble can eliminate the negative impact of situations.

2. Better Self-Control:

For those who struggle with addictions, staying humble can help them know their limits. At the same time, narcissistic people will struggle to beat addictions. Self-harm is seen more in people who aren’t happy or satisfied. They will ignore any advice because their ego decides their fate. However, humble people will have self-control since they listen, understand their mistakes and live with better peace of mind.

3. Good Relationships:

As mentioned before, staying humble can help maintain relationships, both personal and professional. Humble people will accept people, understand them and work out things together to withstand a relationship. Narcissistic people struggle to maintain relationships since they have a huge self-obsession. They make friends with those who listen to them. These relationships are mostly one-sided and detrimental in the future. So by staying humble, we can make sure that the relationship stays healthy and trustworthy.

4. Helping others:

Humble people tend to help others when in need. For example, if you are stuck with some homework and reach out to humble people for help, they will most likely help you. Humble people are often generous. And they try to help others in case they have financial problems. Staying humble will open your eyes to other people’s problems, prompting you to help them, spend more time with them until they find a solution.

5. Saying no to materialistic things:

Humble people do not prefer luxury. In fact, they choose things based on the requirement, not high quality. They believe that things in the world aren’t constant. So whatever things they see, they often treat them with equal importance. Brand values don’t matter to them. In conclusion, they are content with whatever they have. Staying humble will eliminate the cause of being greedy.

6. Treating Everyone Equally:

People who stay humble do not discriminate based on popularity or patriarchy. They treat the rich and the poor equally. Staying humble will also keep the person open-minded. They will accept other people’s beliefs by being less defensive of theirs. There are no boundaries, and all people are welcome to their house. To understand this fast-changing world, staying humble can bring an open mindset to accept new ideologies without hesitation.

7. Better Performance in Organizations:

Humble people can perform much better than their counterparts in organizations. This is possible because they highly rely on feedback to improve themselves. Egoistic people think they do well but often end in downfall since they believe they are right always. Staying humble will help you to accept mistakes, improve and further perform better in whatever tasks they are given. This will also boost their self-confidence.

How does DMIT Counselling help in Staying Humble?

Recently, the emergence of DMIT has helped many individuals to attain humbleness. Before talking about DMIT Counselling, let’s understand what DMIT means. Many are unaware of DMIT full form. The DMIT full form is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. This test can derive results based on fingerprints. If you opt for good DMIT software, a fingerprint analysis can lead to accurate results in an individual. These results include factors such as Multiple Intelligence, Personality, Quotients and Inborn Potential. If you are unaware of DMIT test, please read our blog about it.

DMIT test can help individuals understand their weaknesses. To stay humble, we need to understand and improve on our flaws. Suppose if we have relationship issues, DMIT Counselling can help understand the cause, further helping them to attain humility in their daily life.DMIT test software can be a handy tool for counsellors. It helps them in career counselling. DMIT tests have proved to be accurate and efficient in many individuals.

As mentioned in the previous blogs, please do not go for free DMIT test online. There are free DMIT Test Online that has outdated algorithms. Free DMIT Test Online is inaccurate. Some websites offer ‘DMIT Software Free Download’, including ‘DMIT Software Full Crack’. DMIT Software Free Download has a truckload of malware. DMIT Software Full Crack isn’t the ideal way for tests. There are many disadvantages based on DMIT Software Free Download. Instead of downloading DMIT Software full crack versions, it is advisable to purchase the software from legal distributors, like this DMIT website. Free DMIT test online might seem enticing, but please go for DMIT websites that are certified and legal.

Benefits of DMIT Counselling:

The number of benefits of DMIT are enormous. Let’s look into some benefits what a good DMIT Counselling offers.

  1. DMIT Counselling helps in finding the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals.
  2. A DMIT test relies on the concept of multiple intelligences of an individual.
  3. DMIT Counselling can analyse which part of the brain has more dominance.
  4. DMIT test helps in determining the personality of an individual.
  5. A DMIT test can also tell which brain lobes function in a better way.
  6. DMIT test determines in knowing Emotional Quotient, Intelligence Quotient, Creative Quotient and Adversity Quotient.
  7. If you struggle to know your worth and talents, a DMIT Counselling can be useful.
  8. DMIT test helps in career counselling, helping you find the right career path and profession.
  9. Also, DMIT test can help you live a good lifestyle and adapt to studying styles based on the results.

Why Mastermind Group offers the Best DMIT Counselling in India:

Mastermind Group is a registered DMIT company under the Government of India. They are one of the few companies that have IEC code to do business with foreign countries. Mastermind Group has been offering DMIT Franchise, DMIT software, Midbrain Activation Software, and various software for 5 years now, making us the best DMIT company in India.

If you’re looking for good DMIT Counselling, Mastermind Group offers various plans for the same. These plans are designed in such a way that they are beneficial to individuals. Mastermind Group has experience working with various retail DMITs. Moreover, Mastermind Group also has a technology to make the procedures user-friendly. This includes a mobile application, website, blogs to update you about DMIT and good customer support to help you with your queries.

Mastermind Group also conducts workshops and training sessions for children to enhance their development.  Mastermind Group also provide materials like PowerPoint presentations, training videos and research papers. Being one of the best DMIT company in India as well as worldwide, we serve our customers with the utmost importance and care.

If you like the blog, please do share and also comment if you have any queries. Please check our DMIT website to know about plans and details regarding DMIT Counselling. We at Mastermind Group are ready to help you in your ventures.

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