DMIT Test for Young Adults

D.M.I.T. Test for Young Adults helps them in knowing their Personality Types. It helps in developing their core competencies. You can recognize your Multiple Intelligence. Know your Strength and Weakness based on MI Theory. Find the most suitable learning and leadership Qualities.

Dmit or Career Guidance Test is a study of multiple intelligence. MI Theory is given by Dr. Howard Gardner. According to Gardner people have various kinds of intelligence. In fact, he thinks there are about eight different types of Multiple Intelligence. We almost all have most of this Multiple Intelligence. We will be often better at certain intelligence than some others. It’s essential to know regarding this Multiple Intelligence. So you could continue to acquire the ones you are already very good at and to be able to improve your other Multiple Intelligence. All these multiple intelligence will define Career Personality.


Dmit Young Adults

Benefits of Dmit Test for Young Adults:

  • Identify your core multiple intelligence.
  • Understand your natural talents and character traits.
  • Know your EQ, IQ, CQ, AQ, SQ based on Career Guidance Test.
  • Identify the most suitable Career field and leadership styles.
  • Know your Work Management Style based on Career Guidance Test.
  • Identify your core competencies and develop according to your Career Personality.
  • Know your suitable Department based on MI Theory.
  • Introspective, Interactive, and Analytical Intelligence based on McKenzie Theory.
  • Know Your Personality types suitable for a career based on Holland’s Theory.


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