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A career is very important for each and every person on this planet. It is the source of income that feeds the family and pays the bills. With the advancement in technology, a lot of career options were available, but with the effect of the covid pandemic, job opportunities and career option growth have started declining drastically.

With the pandemic hitting the world in 2020 arose major confusion in career options as this pandemic worst affected the working people. Some received just 50% of their pay while some were laid down. As per statistics and reports by CMIE, over 24 million people lost jobs in India alone. The major confusion started hitting the heads of students graduating this year as the number of employment opportunities decreased.

While all the confusion relating to jobs and careers started creeping up and the problems of unemployment started rising and bringing in dark clouds over people. A silver lining has also started emerging. Opportunities for work from home, small entrepreneurs working from home and creative career options started gaining importance.

Changes which have been observed during this Pandemic in the Product and Services market are as follows:

Loss of jobs and career

The majority of the people around the globe working in sectors like IT, travel, tourism, aviation, hospitality, and food have lost their jobs due to reduced travel and trade during the lockdown. A lot of people all around the globe have lost their jobs which has also led to the downfall of the economy in many countries. This has increased the problems of unemployment in almost all countries in the world. An increase in unemployment has also reduced the number of career options that were available.

Majority of salaried workers faced salary cuts

In a survey conducted by Economictimes.com, 39% of people received less than 50% of the salary despite their 10 years+ work experience. People with major experience have also received less salary as a result of companies trying to survive by reducing costs.

Entrepreneurs faced risks

A lot of small and large-scale entrepreneurs faced high risks due to reduced trading activities during the lockdown and lack of demand after the upliftment of the lockdown. As the decrease in trade has resulted in losses, many small scale entrepreneurs have closed down their business activities.

Startups declining

With less investment and withdrawal of investment, many startups are on the verge of closing down due to the unavailability of even working capital to survive. Raising capital during the pandemic has been very difficult for startup companies.

With everything declining, a few areas started rising. They are:

A rise in the gig economy

Demand for freelancers, independent contributors, part-time workers saw a huge rise. The major reason for the rise being reduced overhead costs and flexibility. Hiring freelancers reduces infrastructure costs and increases convenience for organizations.

E-Learning Platforms

The demand for platforms such as Udemy, Unacademy, Vedantu, Coursera, etc. which provide online courses is also increasing as the teaching and learning process became remote. A lot of students and teachers are now relying on virtual means of education. The increase in virtual activities and work from home opportunities have increased the consumption over the internet and given rise to a variety of career opportunities which remained untapped until today.

Internet-Related Jobs

The major career options seeing a rise in this pandemic due to the increase in the usage of the internet are web development, coding, data analysts, data sciences, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and cybersecurity. With an increase in the number of potential customers on the internet careers in the field of content writing, content creation, digital marketing, graphic designing, and so many internet-related jobs have also gained huge demand.

Mental Health Consultants

The covid pandemic has also brought to light the importance of mental health. It has also brought a lot of mental health issues into the limelight giving rise to career opportunities in the field of mental health counseling, psychology, and psychiatrist.

Service at Home

Apart from these, ‘service at home’ works have also gained importance. For example, hair stylists, bakery items, tutors, etc. which also include those people who can provide their services at the doorstep including delivery services have also increased during the pandemic.

With a wide array of careers blooming after the pandemic, it is very confusing to know which suits you the best. The most important element to know the career, best suiting you is by understanding your skills and abilities. Making a career in a field that does not match your skills and interests will not help you in achieving success in life.

Choosing the right career option is very necessary to achieve success in life. A career choice should be such that it reflects the skills and abilities of the person. If a person chooses the best career option but it does not resonate with his skills, then that career is unlikely to be fruitful to him. Hence, a career must be chosen with complete knowledge of skills and abilities.

The only way to take advantage of the huge internet job market opened after the pandemic is by knowing your strengths, weaknesses, skills, abilities, and talents. It is difficult to analyze your skills and strengths by yourself. So, the best solution to this is DMIT.

DMIT full form being Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test sounds huge and confusing but is very simple to understand.

What is DMIT?

DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test.

In simple terms, it means fingerprint assessment. Dmit is a test developed on the basis of the connection between fingerprints and brain activity. Mastermind Group DMIT is a scientific test that helps in identifying the potential and personality type of a person based on his fingerprints.
DMIT is a combination of Dermatoglyphics and multiple intelligence in the form of a test that helps in knowing your inner potential, strengths, weaknesses, and hidden skills. This will help you in choosing the best career for yourself.

We at Masterminds are the best DMIT Company in India providing DMIT tests that help you find your multiple intelligence and hence choose the right career.

The multiple intelligence theory states humans possess 9 types of intelligence and DMIT helps you in knowing your intelligence. Based on this test we help you in identifying your intelligence and pick the right career.

The various intelligence types are:

Visual intelligence :

People who are good at creating and visualizing pictures have visual intelligence. Their major strengths include interpreting pictures and graphs, recognizing patterns, creating artistic paintings.
The best career options for them would include- graphic designing, photography, interior designing, etc.

Linguistic intelligence :,

People with linguistic intelligence are good with words and like playing around with them. They enjoy reading and writing and can simplify the concepts to others by teaching.
The best career options for them would include- content writing, teaching, journalism, etc.

Logical intelligence :

Such people are good at logical reasoning and solving mathematical problems. They have excellent problem-solving skills.
The best career options for them would include- data analysis, artificial intelligence, web development, etc.

Bodily intelligence :

People with bodily intelligence tend to have excellent body movements and performing actions.
The best career options for them would include- dancer, gym trainer, etc.

Interpersonal intelligence :

People with this intelligence are excellent communicators and are good at interacting with people.
The best career options for them would include- counseling, a psychologist, etc.

Apart from these, there is various other intelligence which can be determined by DMIT. DMIT is completely computerized and involves no manual or human intervention which results inaccurate results.

We at Masterminds provide 97% accurate DMIT test results which are approved and accepted worldwide. Renowned universities also acknowledge DMIT. Medical experts claim 95% accuracy of DMIT in the analysis of human’s multiple intelligence and inborn potential.

How is DMIT useful?

DMIT is very useful and helps in understanding the overall skills, inborn potentials and personality which is a major determinant in choosing the right career.

DMIT helps in:


1. Knowing your inborn potential which you are unaware of.
2. Select the best learning style which suits your requirement.
3. Enroll yourself for activities which resonate with your abilities.
4. Learn about your personality type.
5. Develop and upskill your abilities.
6. Develop a better understanding through good communication.
7. Understand your values and underlying potential.
8. To ascertain your analytical and creative abilities.
9. To choose a career based on the strength of your brain lobes.
10. Know more about your natural traits or characteristics.
11. Know your style of work management.
12. Bring out your untapped potential.

How does DMIT work?

DMIT is a scientific test which is a combination of different fields’ like- neurology, dermatoglyphics, genetics, psychology etc. During this test, your fingerprints are scanned and fed to the computer where the DMIT software studies and identifies your abilities and personality on the multiple intelligence theory.

DMIT helps you to identify yourself in a better way, take actions to improve your skills and relationships.

More about DMIT

DMIT Chart

In these difficult times of Covid-19 pandemic, we at DMIT Masterminds want to help you choose the right career for yourself on the basis of your skills and interests. We offer free DMIT franchise consultation, MBA (Midbrain Activation) classes and MBA online course.

Our DMIT tests provide help in finding abilities and inner potential. They are also used in schools and colleges to help students understanding their strengths and weaknesses and choose a career based on them. DMIT tests provide accurate results and are a major help in taking decisions regarding career, based on skills and interest.

Apart from schools, DMIT test software is used by organizations to screen the employees and select the employee with the best skills for the organisation. DMIT test software is used by counsellors to assess and provide career counselling. DMIT test software provided by DMIT Masterminds has proved to be accurate and efficient to many individuals. Do check out our certified DMIT website.

Where to get DMIT done?

You will find a lot of free DMIT software online which will guarantee you accurate DMIT results. They claim DMIT free online tests or provide you with DMIT Software Full Crack or DMIT Software Free Download. Beware of such FRAUDULENT sites. Although these sound very attractive and informative these free DMIT online tests are not certified and do not provide accurate results. Please do not fall for free DMIT tests and DMIT software free as they are misleading and dangerous. Do not download DMIT software full crack versions as they hold a potential risk to your system’s data and integrity. It may also lead to a breach of your valuable personal information. These kinds of fraudulent websites also try to gain your credit card information by providing you false DMIT test software. Always go to certified DMIT websites that provide you with DMIT test software.

Why DMIT Masterminds

We are certified with the Government of Ministry in the SME sector and are providing our services in India and worldwide. Providing DMIT franchise from over past 7 years we provide plans as per your requirement. We also provide DMIT test software which is used by schools, hospitals, and many organizations. At Masterminds, we also train people by certified DMIT training which has always received the best enthusiasm and feedback. We are the best in the country with a team of professionals assisting you and guiding you in all your doubts and queries.

We provide free consultation calls regarding all the inquiries about DMIT software, DMIT franchise, DMIT training, and DMIT test to organizations which helps you in gaining a better understanding of DMIT software. If you want to know more about our various plans for your requirements or book a free consultation call, please check out our certified DMIT website.

Mastermind Group DMIT

We at Mastermind Group, provide various software which includes midbrain activation software. We also provide midbrain activation exercises which help in activating the midbrain and achieving the untapped potentials. Mastermind Group along with DMIT, offer Midbrain Activation Online Course or Midbrain Activation Classes which include workshops and exercise which helps in the development of your skills and abilities.

In these hard times of Covid pandemic and increasing confusions about jobs and careers, we at DMIT Masterminds aim to provide the best DMIT test software which helps you in choosing the right career by understanding your skills and abilities.

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