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Recently, the emergence of DMIT test has helped many individuals. DMIT test helps the individual know their inborn potential. DMIT test leads to analysis and identifying the personality of a person. If you are unaware of DMIT test, please read our blog about it. However, to avoid uncertainty, let’s discuss the basic overview of DMIT.

So what is DMIT? Many are unfamiliar with DMIT full form. DMIT full form is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. Also, DMIT test is useful for any age group. It will help anyone to analyse themselves and learn more about their capabilities. Eventually, DMIT test can help you build a career path based on your interests. Organisations can opt for DMIT test software to analyse their employees. Schools can also opt for DMIT test software to understand student’s potential and skills. DMIT test software can be a handy tool for counsellors. It helps them in career counselling. DMIT tests have proved to be accurate and efficient in many individuals.

DMIT has been a developing field, with many DMIT websites and centres. However, there are many DMIT scams in the market. Some people pose to be actual sellers, and they often cheat you. For example, they will try selling DMIT franchise or DMIT software for low prices. This DMIT software might be illegal, unauthorised or outdated. It includes payment frauds and phishing. In simple terms, they will take your money and data, and will never return it. We will discuss more on DMIT frauds, pricing strategies and how to avoid such scams.

Mastermind Group DMIT value your wish for a good DMIT test software. Do check out our certified DMIT website. It includes the plans we are offering and our pricing strategies. Also, we will share the benefits and prices of our plans.

DMIT Websites – How to identify the original from imposters?

There are only a few certified DMIT websites in India that offer DMIT Tests and Franchise. Fraudsters mostly overshadow these DMIT websites. If you don’t find any details of the people selling the DMIT Franchise, it is a red flag. A certified DMIT website will share important pieces regarding their employees and experience. They will also possess DMIT websites with a secure connection, like this website. Some websites can fool you with beautiful UI design with minimal information.They will give you an insight of DMIT but will be reluctant to share their details. They will be bugging you to provide information, and possibly to make you pay then and there. These fraudsters don’t have a qualified degree, yet they will try to convince you, pointing out the low prices and so-called guarantee.

Most of the certified DMIT websites have a portal to connect with their customers and employees. They have a social media presence and are good customer support to assist you. If a DMIT website is lacking these things, please avoid them.

Whenever you want to check out a DMIT website, please keep these things in mind.

  1. Check the legitimacy of the DMIT website
  2. Before connecting, think twice about the DMIT website you have opted for
  3. Connect to their employees and ask questions based on the certification, experience of the company and concepts of DMIT itself
  4. Make sure that you analyse the website social media and employee profiles
  5. Check the reviews of the website by other individuals(if available)
  6. Make sure that they have good customer support
  7. Make sure that you know the person/employee selling you DMIT franchise before making the payment
  8. Assure that payment modes are ideal and trustable.

DMIT Scams – How to avoid them?

There are different scams involving DMIT. The first one involves the whole scenario of free DMIT tests.

Free DMIT Tests:

Some Websites are offering free DMIT test online. No certified company offers free DMIT test online. These free DMIT Test Online have outdated algorithms. Free DMIT Test Online is often inaccurate and uncertain. Some websites offer ‘DMIT Software Free Download’, including ‘DMIT Software Full Crack’. DMIT Software Free Download has a truckload of malware. DMIT Software Full Crack isn’t the ideal way for tests. There are many disadvantages based on DMIT Software Free Download. Instead of downloading DMIT Software full crack versions, it is advisable to purchase the software from legal distributors, like this DMIT website. Always remember, say no to DMIT Software free download and DMIT Software full crack. Free DMIT test online might seem enticing, but please go for DMIT websites that are certified and legal. No certified company offers free DMIT franchise or franchise for low prices like 1000 rupees!

Calls regarding DMIT Tests and Franchise:

The second involves people receiving calls regarding DMIT. Fraudsters calling you have exceptional vocal skills. They try to convince you, claiming they know about DMIT. Some take the route of adding their own life story to make it believable. Their main aim is to get money from you. After receiving the money, they slowly disappear. They wouldn’t bother to call you again since they have done their job. There are instances where people lost money to fraudsters and had to file police complaints. Always be vigilant to cheating scams like this. Do not believe in words blindly. Ask them about their company, experience, various company branches and employee profiles. If the person who called you is reluctant to say these, avoid them. Some might also provide fake details. Make sure to double-check the employee and company names before purchasing the DMIT test or DMIT franchise.


As we all know, phishing is a cybercrime. People pose as DMIT employees and often call and send you emails asking information. It includes personal data and account information. Do not reveal this information unless they are from a certified and legitimate company. No one asks about account information immediately. There are different kinds of phishing regarding DMIT. They come in the form of offers which is too good to be true. It is similar to free DMIT test scheme. For example, there might be advertisements which show “FREE DMIT TESTS AVAILABLE”. When you click on the ad, there is a redirect to a website. This website will contain information like ” To avail this offer, please share your account details”. Please do not give your data on such websites. No certified DMIT website or DMIT Franchise support this kind of marketing.

Midbrain Activation Exercises:

Though not linked to DMIT, there are various individuals posing to provide free MBA classes(Midbrain Activation classes). There are scams regarding Midbrain Activation Exercises. Some individuals conduct MBA Classes or MBA online course without prior experience. They don’t have the qualifications to conduct Midbrain Activation Exercises. Those offering MBA Classes or MBA online course should be scrutinised. Do not fall into traps of fake MBA classes or MBA online course. Our DMIT website offers certified Midbrain Activation Exercises and workshop. Being the best DMIT company in India, we have various MBA classes for your requirements.

About Mastermind Group – Plans and Pricing

We at Mastermind Group DMIT are always there to help you in your ventures. We have been providing DMIT Franchise for the past five years in India. Being one of the best DMIT Company in India, we offer plans according to your requirements. Our DMIT test software uses California-based advanced algorithms that are highly accurate and efficient. Our DMIT software has the potential to be the best DMIT software in the world. We offer DMIT test in India as well as worldwide. If you are confused about DMIT, we provide free DMIT franchise consultation to assist you. We will now give you an overview of the different plans you can opt for.

Our plans rely on two strategies. One involves the business to client connection, while the other is business to business connection. Let us now browse some plans and discuss where they can be applied.

Starter DMIT Software:

If you are an entrepreneur having a small organisation of 5-10 members, the starter plan is for you. For example, if you’re a private teacher and you want to find DMIT test of your students, we can provide you with the software. After one-time payment, you are free to use the DMIT software for lifetime. We provide the software, training and certification. However, if you need a fingerprint analysis and assessment report, we can make 70 pages advanced report for you for a small price. DMIT assessment reports will have our company watermark. These are ideal for those who want to have minimal usage of DMIT.

As of December 2020, the one-time payment of DMIT software is around 10000 – 20000 rupees. The payment varies based on the organisation and the number of individuals. If you need an assessment report, we charge 400-500 rupees, which includes the company watermark. If you enrol in a starter plan, you can change to other plans based on your requirements.

Pro DMIT Software:

Pro plan is for organisations that have both small or medium size of individuals. It is similar to the Starter plan, except for the fingerprint analysis report. If you choose the Pro plan, there won’t be any watermark our company. Instead, the analysis report will have your company brand value. That is, it will contain the logo based on your company.

Like in the Starter plan, we offer software and certification. However, we do not provide report generation software or finger analysing software. There are some more limitations, like providing advanced training. As of December 2020, the one-time payment of DMIT software is similar to the Starter plan price. The only difference is the fingerprint assessment report price. The report costs around 4500 – 5000 rupees, depending on the organisation and individuals.

Business DMIT Software:

The business plan is the most recommended plan for organisations. It has all features of the Starter and the Pro plan. Also, the fingerprint analysis report is free. Other features include providing report generation software and finger analysing software. The Business plan offers not only fingerprint assessment but also an advanced variety of reports.

Those who purchase this plan also can receive advanced DMIT training. There are tests and assessments for the same. If you finish the training, you are qualified to be CDC(Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant). It will help the professionals to have their DMIT Practice. However, there are certain limitations to this plan. The organisation will not have software distribution rights or franchise management.

As of December 2020, those who are opting for business plan need to pay between 30000-40000 rupees. The price varies depending on the organisation. All the generated reports are free of charge. The hardware has to purchased separately. The hardware used in all plans is Futuronic Fs80h Fingerprint Scanner. After the payment, you get lifetime access to the software. If you’re looking for a plan that has all features except distribution rights, the business plan is for you.

Corporate DMIT Software:

The Corporate DMIT Plan has all features of Starter, Pro and Business plan. Multiple Users can access the software, and they also have software distribution rights. They also have franchise management. This plan is ideal for corporate companies amassing a large number of individuals. This plan offers training, advanced training and certification. They are in complete control of the software, and they can make changes to it if needed.

As of December 2020, those who are opting for Corporate plan need to pay around 40000-50000 rupees. As mentioned, the price varies depending on the corporate. If you belong to a corporate and need DMIT software distribution rights, you can opt for this plan.

Why Mastermind Group is different from other DMIT Companies?

Mastermind Group offer a variety of software. Some of the software includes Midbrain Activation Software, Psychometric Software and Abacus Software. You can read more about it on our DMIT website. If you want to learn more about the plans, please check out our DMIT website. There is a comparison between different software available based on your requirements. Contact us if you want to know more about the plans.

Mastermind Group has experience in working with more than 1000 retail DMITs. They also work in various schools and NGOs, providing the counsellors the tool they need. Our team of experts comprise of different fields, mainly from Psychology, Information Technology, Dermatology and Marketing. Mastermind Group ensures that the individuals opting for DMIT software are given utmost importance and help whenever they need it.

Apart from that, Mastermind Group employs technology to make the DMIT software user-friendly to individuals. We have a mobile app based on fingerprint scanning, a DMIT website, blogs to update you about DMIT and animated videos/reports that can be customised to your brand. As mentioned, we have customer support that helps in technical areas.

Mastermind Group also conduct workshops, counselling, training regarding DMIT. We also provide materials like PowerPoint presentations, training videos and research papers. Being one of the best DMIT company in India as well as worldwide, we serve our customers with the utmost importance and care.

If you like the blog, please do share and also comment if you have any queries. Please check our DMIT website to know about plans and details regarding DMIT test software. We at Mastermind Group are ready to help you in your ventures.

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