MDH owner Mahashay Dharampal Gulati’s Inspiring Journey


I’m sure most of you are aware of the brand named MDH. MDH is a spices brand that has been there for generations in India. But have you seen a picture of an energetic looking man on their products? Some of you must have seen him in MDH advertisements too. The person who shown in their products is none other than Mahasay Dharampal Gulati Ji, the CEO and brand ambassador of MDH. He passed away on December 3, 2020, due to health complications(Aged 97). Though he is no more, his memories live on to this day.

He was fondly called DadajiMasala Chacha, and Mahashayji by people. With a smile on his face, he brings a calm presence to anyone around him. He was a successful businessman and philanthropist. Dadaji’s portrayal in advertisements is eye-catching and memorable. An MDH ad is incomplete without Dadaji. He was the oldest CEO in the world.

Mahasay Dharampal Ji is the backbone of MDH. Without him, there won’t be any MDH. His achievements and contributions are eminent. He was impactful to many because of his charismatic personality. His presence has left a significant mark not only in the spices industry but the whole of India. Now let’s go through Dadaji’s inspiring life journey and his contributions.

Early Life:

Dharampal Gulati Ji was born on March 27, 1923, in Sialkot in present-day Pakistan. His father Mahasay Chunnilal was the founder of MDH. His parents were philanthropic and had a helping mindset. They were religious and ardent followers of Arya Samaj. His parents are the main reason for Dadaji’s compassionate and down to earth personality.

In the year 1933, he discontinued studies and decided to focus on something else. In 1937, he started a business of looking mirrors with the help of his father. He tried his luck in the soap business, hardware business and rice trading. But deep down, his heart was lying in the parental business run by his father. He joined hands with his father and ran MDH, which was under the name Mahashian Di Hatti. People called them “Deggi Mirch Wale”  back then.

Due to partition in the year 1947, Dadaji went to Delhi with 1500 rupees in hand. There are fond memories of him travelling on Tonga, which is a light two-horse drawn vehicle. He purchased Tonga for 650 rupees for travel purposes. He decided to bring back his parental business to the limelight.

Dadaji bought a small wooden shop in Karol Bagh, Delhi. He restarted his family business by selling spices. He raised the tagline “Deggi Mirch Wale” again. It attracted a lot of customers. Soon, he was able to start his second spice shop in Chandni Chowk. It happened during the year 1953. In the year 1959, he was able to buy land for manufacturing unit of MDH. He purchased the required land in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi. This way, he set the foundation of MDH.

Dadaji and MDH:

Starting from scratch, Dadaji has managed to popularize his brand in India. People flocked to buy spices from his shop, making him a successful businessman. Dadaji did not settle for anything low. He wanted his company to reach great heights. With hard work and perseverance, he was able to achieve it. Dadaji always values their customers and make sure that they get quality products.

MDH Masale

MDH now has a huge market because of Dadaji. Starting from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, MDH spices are available throughout India. The various spices offered by MDH are fine in quality. Dadaji is also keen on new products, by introducing laboratories and research facilities. These facilities try to infuse spices to create new breeds. Dadaji has received many awards because of his ideals and vision.

How can we forget MDH ads? MDH ads are popular because of Dadaji. MDH launched its first television ad in 1984. It featured Dadaji, actors Neena Gupta and Shafi Inamdar. Please click this link if you want to watch the ad. Due to the success of these ads, Dadaji became the face of MDH. We can see his picture on MDH products. MDH Company has great respect for Dadaji. Without Dadaji, the company wouldn’t have reached such heights.

As of today, MDH is not only popular in India, but worldwide. They have a range of 62 products available in 150 packages. Products are exported to various countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Europe and South-East Asia. They have many manufacturing plans and millions of satisfied customers. All due to the vision and ideals of Dadaji. Dadaji was honoured Padma Bhushan by the government of India in the year 2019. Dadaji was also the highest-paid fast-moving consumer goods CEO in the year 2017.

Contributions of Dadaji to the Society:

Dadaji was not only limited to his spices company. He was a philanthropist like his parents. He set up hospitals and schools for the society. Let’s now look into contributions of Dadaji most of you are unaware of.Dadaji owns a super speciality hospital with 300 beds in about 5 acres land. This super speciality hospital has features such as an MRI, CT Scan, IVF etc. This hospital is a gem to people living in New Delhi. Dadaji visits the hospital regularly to connect with people and see to that they receive proper treatments. Those who cannot afford are given free treatment. The hospital also offers millions of free aid annually to individuals who are from a poor background.

Dadaji has established 20 schools so far. They include MDH International School, Mahashay Chunnilal Saraswati Shishu Mandir and so on. Dadaji believes education is important for individuals. Dadaji makes sure that education is accessible to the poor.

He also donates nearly 90% of his salary to charity. The Mahashay Chunni Lal Charitable Trust has been helping many individuals. The Trust operates a 300-bed hospital in Delhi, along with a mobile hospital for slum dwellers. This includes 4 schools as well. Dadaji provides anonymous help to people, especially woman. People from low backgrounds have their education and health expenses sponsored by Dadaji.

Dadaji is a secular man. He welcomes all religions to his community or religious functions. He maintains religious harmony with others. Though he is religious, he helps people irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender and religion.MDH has been one of the most successful spice companies. They have also contributed to the society by establishing hospitals, schools and charitable trusts. These reasons make MDH one of the best companies in India.

In conclusion, remember the philosophy followed by Dadaji: “Give to the world the best you can, and the best will come back to you automatically”

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