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We come across so many people in our everyday life. Everyone has a different personality type. Some are energetic; some are hardworking, while some are lazy and so on. But, have you observed that some people so confident about themselves. They talk, dress, and behave so confidently that you feel overwhelmed at times. While you will also come across people who are confused about everything are not able to figure out things for themselves. The main reason for this being, not knowing their personality types.

By knowing about your personality type, you can change a lot of things in your life. You understand your preferences, what you like and dislike, and what kind of people you get along with. Your personality type determines what kind of friends you prefer to make and in what environment you are comfortable to work. Knowing your personality also helps you develop a better understanding of yourself and others. The way others react to a given situation and how it differs from you. Knowing your personality type not only helps in improving your relationships, but it also helps you in identifying the circumstances in which you can give your best. It assists you in understanding your strengths and weaknesses in a better manner. Just by knowing your personality type, your life and work become easy.

What are the different types of personalities?

William Moulton Marston, a well-known psychologist, laid down the DISC personality theory more than a century ago. DISC personality theory states the main personality types, their strengths, and weaknesses and how they perform their work.

What do you mean by DISC personality type theory?

According to the DISC theory, there are four main personality types. They are- Dominant, Influencing, Steady and Conscientious.

DISC Personality Types
Group of different personality types.

Dominant personality types (D)

People with dominant personalities tend to be extroverted. They are very out-going and task-oriented by nature. This kind of people can adequately express themselves. They have high levels of confidence and are enthusiastic risk-takers. They are usually direct in their communication. At their workplaces, they can be highly decisive and demanding. But, generally, they are self-driven to achieve the set goals and objectives. With all these strengths, Dominant personalities also have their weaknesses. When they are under stress, they tend to be highly impatient and insensitive. They may force their decisions on others and misuse authority. They also tend to take action without thinking about the consequences.

Influencing personality types (I)

People with influencing profile are people-oriented. They leave their impressions everywhere they go. These kinds of people usually highly interactive and engage with other people striking up an interesting conversation. Influencers tend to be popular in their social circles and have a charm which inspires others. They also have the weakness of focusing too much on people which many times leaves task undone. Influencing personalities like social recognitions and fear rejections.

Steady personality types (S)

People with a steady profile are generally introverts. They are reserved when it comes to sharing their ideas and feelings. Steady personalities are usually calm and easy-going people. They tend to be very supportive of others. Not only are they very collaborative, but they also work hard to ensure coherence and balance among people. They are stable and tend to become good leaders. The major weakness they possess is that they are shy and often overlooked. However, steady personalities fear change and loss of stability. They do not speak up and avoid offending others which may result in a loss at times. They also become overly indecisive under stress.

Conscientious personality types (C)

People with conscientious profiles are highly introverts and reserved. They are very cautious and calculative in their approach. Conscientious personalities generally tend to be contemplative. Not only are they highly detail-oriented, but they are also analytical and look for even the smallest details while working. Conscientious people believe in following the set standards and make sure everyone around them is following the standards. They are competent and value precision. These kinds of people are generally curious and ask a lot of questions. However, they fear criticism and are unlikely to work effectively under pressure or uncertainty. They avoid confusion and can become over-analytical at times. They tend to avoid conflicts by changing the topic of discussion.

These four DISC personalities are the base of your personality type. Everyone tends to have a combination of one or more DISC types. When combined, these four bases tend to give 12 different personalities. You are one of these 12 personality types and figuring out your personality type helps you to understand your behaviour in a better manner.

The 12 personality types of humans are as follows:

diversity, people, heads

The Challenger (DC) Personality Type

The challengers are personality types that have high expectations of themselves and everyone around them. They will ask the questions that need asking, even if it makes them unpopular. Their leadership styles can sometimes be overly blunt and arrogant.

The Winner (D) Personality Type

The winners are the ones to whom achieving results matter more than anything else. They will always take up the charge to get the work done. They always project confidence but lack in empathy and patience.

The Seeker (Di) Personality Type

The seeker personality types are always very fast-paced. They are always looking for new opportunities that will result in quick wins. Not only are they charming, but are also easily bored. They are consistently ready to stretch the boundaries to achieve the best results.

The Risk Taker (iD) Personality Type

The risk-takers are always ready to take up bold action to achieve the most exciting victories. They are passionate leaders and may feel frustrated with the conservative and cautious environment.

The Enthusiast (i) Personality Type

The enthusiast personality types are social butterflies. These kind of people are always happiest when they gain the popularity and approval of their peers. Not only are they energetic and expressive, but also are exceptionally skilled at building networks.

The Buddy (iS) Personality Type

The buddies enjoy peace and harmony and want to be friends with everyone. They are always approachable and generous. They value collaboration and tend to avoid conflicts.

The Collaborator (Si) Personality Type

The collaborator personality types are born team players. These personality types are always eager to get everyone working together to achieve their goals. They tend to keep people upbeat and positive and also work hard to avoid upsetting others.

The Peacekeeper (S) Personality Type

The peacekeeper value sincerity and dependability. Though they may appear overly cautious at times, they are always open to listen and support others. They are unbiased to every side of the argument and are relied upon to find the win-win situation.

The Technician (SC) Personality Type

Reliable and even-tempered, the technicians do not like surprises. They are very cautious. They do not take unnecessary risks and focus majorly on getting the job done right.

The Bedrock (CS) Personality Type

The bedrocks are modest and fair-minded. They like to be well prepared and will never willingly let others down. They thrive in steady situations where they know what’s coming next.

The Analyst (C) Personality Type

Driven by being accurate, the analysts do not get swayed by emotions or pressure. Analysts love details and are focused. They show personal restraint that hides their reactions and feelings. This personality types are hard to get to know.

The Perfectionist (CD) Personality Type

The perfectionists have high standards and are always looking for ways to improve processes and methods. They can seem determined, stubborn, and blind to the needs of others. They tend not to settle for anything but the best.

You can be any one of the above personalities. By knowing your personality type, you can take steps to improve yourself and develop your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. But identifying your personality type is very difficult. Nowadays on the internet, you will find various websites which determine your personality based on the answers you provide to the set of questions. These methods are not accurate as your answers are your opinions and not the knowledge of yourself. Then, how to determine your personality type accurately? The best solution is the DMIT.

DMIT full form being Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test sounds huge and confusing but is very simple to understand.

What is DMIT?

biometric, access, authentication

DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test.

In simple terms, it means fingerprint assessment. It is a test developed based on the connection between fingerprints and brain activity by Dr. Howard Gardner, the father of American fingerprint analysis, and his team. It is a scientific test that helps in identifying personality types of people based on their fingerprints.
DMIT is a combination of dermatoglyphics and multiple intelligence in the form of a test that helps in knowing your inner potential, strengths, weaknesses, and hidden skills. This test will help you assess your personality type.

We at Masterminds are the best DMIT Company in India providing DMIT tests that provide you with your personality type. We help you in identifying your personality type among the above mentioned 12 personality types which give you better knowledge and understanding of yourself.

DMIT is a computerized test and involves no manual or human intervention which results in, accurate results. We at Masterminds provide 97% error-free DMIT test results which are approved and accepted worldwide. Renowned psychologists also acknowledge DMIT. Medical experts claim 95% accuracy of DMIT in the analysis of human’s personality type.

How is DMIT useful?

mindset, mindfulness, meditation

DMIT is very useful and helps in understanding the overall skills, inborn potentials and personality that is a determinant in self-development.

DMIT helps in:
1. Learn about your personality type
2. Develop and upskill your abilities
3. Develop a better understanding through good communication
4. Understand your values and underlying potential
5. To ascertain your analytical and creative abilities
6. Know more about your natural traits or characteristics
7. Know your style of work management
8. Bring out your untapped potential

How does DMIT work?

DMIT is a scientific test which is a combination of different fields’ like- neurology, dermatoglyphics, genetics, psychology etc. During this test, your fingerprints are scanned and fed to the computer where the DMIT software studies and identifies your abilities and personality on the multiple intelligence theory.

DMIT helps you to identify yourself in a better way, take actions to improve your skills and relationships.

More about DMIT

We at DMIT Masterminds want to help you in knowing your personality which will help you in developing a better understanding of yourself. We offer free DMIT franchise consultation, MBA (midbrain activation) classes, and MBA online courses.

Our DMIT tests provide help in knowing your personality type. They are also used in schools and colleges to help students understanding their strengths and weaknesses and choose a career based on them. DMIT tests provide accurate results and are crucial in making decisions based on your personality type.

Apart from schools, organizations use DMIT test software to screen the employees and select the employee with the best personality for the organization. Counselors use DMIT test software to assess and provide career counseling. DMIT test software provided by DMIT Masterminds has proved to be accurate and efficient to many individuals. Do check out our certified DMIT website.

Where to get DMIT done?

You will find a lot of free DMIT software online that will guarantee you accurate DMIT results. They claim DMIT free online tests or provide you with DMIT Software Full Crack or DMIT Software Free Download. Beware of such FRAUDULENT sites. Although these sound very attractive and informative, these free DMIT online tests are not certified and do not provide accurate results. Please do not fall for free DMIT tests and DMIT software free as they are misleading and dangerous. Do not download DMIT software full crack versions as they hold a potential risk to your system’s data and integrity. It may also lead to a breach of your valuable personal information. These kinds of fraudulent websites try to gain your credit card information by providing you false DMIT test software. Always go to certified DMIT websites that sell you with DMIT test software.

Why DMIT Masterminds

The Government of the Ministry in the SME sector has certified DMIT masterminds. We are providing our services in India and worldwide. Providing DMIT franchise from over past seven years, we provide plans as per your requirement. We also trade DMIT test software which is used by schools, hospitals, and many organizations. DMIT Masterminds also train people by certified DMIT training which has always received the best enthusiasm and feedback. We are the best in the country with a team of professionals assisting you and guiding you in all your doubts and queries.

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Mastermind Group DMIT

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Everyone has a different personality. Every person reacts differently to situations based on their personality type. Knowing your personality type is very crucial in this fast-paced world. We, DMIT Masterminds, would love to help you gain success in life by helping you in knowing your personality type. Check out our website.

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