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What is DMIT?

DMIT is a study of patterns using fingerprints. It will help you understand your inborn traits and potential. These fingerprints will also determine learning styles, personality, strengths, and weaknesses in an individual.

Recently, the emergence of DMIT test has helped many individuals. DMIT test helps the individual know their inborn potential. DMIT test leads to analysis and identifying the personality of a person. If you are unaware of DMIT test, please read our blog about it. However, to avoid uncertainty, let’s discuss the basic overview of DMIT.

So what is DMIT? Many are unfamiliar with DMIT full form. DMIT full form is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. Also, DMIT test is useful for any age group. It will help anyone to analyze themselves and learn more about their capabilities. Eventually, DMIT test can help you build a career path based on your interests. Organisations can opt for DMIT test software to analyze their employees. Schools can also opt for DMIT to understand student’s potential and skills. DMIT software can be a handy tool for counsellors. It helps them in career counselling. DMIT tests have proved to be accurate and efficient in many individuals.

Mastermind Group values your wish for a good DMIT software. Do check out our certified DMIT website. It includes the plans we are offering and our pricing strategies. Also, we will share the benefits and prices of our plans.

Features of DMIT Software

The features of the software offered by Mastermind Group include:

  1. Various DMIT Reports based on the requirement of the user.
  2. Both mobile and website-related fingerprint software
  3. Supports fingerprint scanners like Futronics.
  4. Flexible Report Generation
  5. Customization of Reports
  6. Well Explained Diagrams and Animation Videos
  7. Research Papers related to DMIT
  8. Training and Certification

Let’s explore the components of DMIT software. In a DMIT software, the working of algorithms is essential. If the algorithms don’t provide accurate results, then it is not a good DMIT software. Algorithms are designed based on the given parameters. Similarly, a lot of calculations run in the background for efficient results. Mastermind Group use advanced algorithms that are based in California. These algorithms are accurate and have helped in the working of the software. Many individuals who have opted for tests have a good experience using DMIT software. Being a certified company, Mastermind Group makes sure that the the software works properly and efficiently since we value our customers and the need to help them in whatever they are facing.

The other component of the software is Report Generation. There are various DMIT Reports generated based on your requirements. We provide high-quality reports that are based on the results. These reports will help in the analysis of the individuals. Depending on the requirements, organizations can also have reports generated based on their preferences.

To handle the DMIT software, one requires training to understand the working of DMIT hardware and software components. Hence, Mastermind Group provides training to the individuals for the same. This is to make sure that the DMIT results are accurate. Similarly, individuals need to have the proper training to handle the software. Wrong knowledge or handling of software can lead to complications in the interpretation of results.

Scope of DMIT Software

Though there is various DMIT Test in India, some are reluctant to go. Mastermind Group offers a DMIT keeping in mind the individuals that seek help. There are various organizations in that seek DMIT franchise so that they can identify the strengths of their employees. Conducting DMIT test for employees can help organizations to place workers based on their interests.

Now let’s look into different applications of DMIT, and why having a DMIT test is essential:

  1. Career Counselling: Various individuals are struggling to find the career they like. Schools and Universities must have a medium to understand the students. Hence, good teaching enhanced with DMIT can bring out the best in students. Counsellors can help the students choose courses they like, based on their intelligence and skills. Having a good DMIT test can help students to select a career that suits them best.
  2. Couple Counselling: There are many couples at the brink of broken marriage and relationships. Going for the DMIT test can help partners understand the strengths and weaknesses. To facilitate a better relationship between couples, DMIT test can identify the root cause of the problem, where couples can fix accordingly. In addition, DMIT test can also fix relationships and help people understand each other.
  3. Behavior Counselling: Organizations can conduct an analysis of employees using the DMIT test. Since there are many corporates in Nepal, buying DMIT Franchise in Nepal can help them in identifying the right individuals for the job. It helps to analyze the behavior of various individuals.
  4. Academic Counselling: If students are scoring low marks, counsellors can help them by conducting DMIT test. It will help them to understand the root cause of the problem. Similarly, it will help students to score well in exams.

Benefits of DMIT Software

1. Multiple Intelligence

DMIT relies on the concept of multiple intelligences of an individual. Multiple Intelligence includes how smart the person can be in their respective domains. The domains include word smart, body smart, number smart, and so on.

3. Counselling for Adults

DMIT Software can help in career counselling, marriage counselling as well as family counselling. It can analyze different problems that exist in the path and fix them accordingly.

5. Functioning of Brain Lobes

DMIT Software can help us understand the functioning of brain lobes. Similarly, DMIT will determine the dominance of brain and suggest the right talent or skills for individuals to improve or have interest on.

2. Determining Quotients

DMIT Software determines in knowing Emotional Quotient, Intelligence Quotient, Creative Quotient, and Adversity Quotient. This will help to understand the person’s capabilities.

4. Counselling for Children

DMIT Software can be highly beneficial to children. Conducting DMIT tests can help children improve themselves and study courses that will spark interest in them. Parents can use this feature to help their children.

6. Personality and Lifestyle

DMIT Software can determine the personality in individuals. It also helps in changing lifestyles to maintain a better life, promising happiness, peace of mind and stability.

DMIT Software – Plans and Pricing

Plans We Offer


Our plans rely on two strategies. One involves the business to client connection, while the other is business to business connection. Let us now browse some plans and discuss where they can be applied.

Starter DMIT Software

Suitable for entrepreneurs and small organizations. Starting from Rs.10,000 ($136)

Pro DMIT Software

Suitable for both small and medium sized organizations. Starting from Rs. 15,000($204)

Business DMIT Software

Recommended plan for all organisations. Starting from Rs. 30,000($408)

Corporate DMIT Software

Extended Plan with Software Distribution Rights. Starting from Rs. 40,000($544).

We at Mastermind Group are always there to help you in your ventures. We have been providing DMIT Tests and DMIT Software for five years now. Being one of the best DMIT Company in India, we offer plans according to your requirements. Morover, our DMIT software uses California-based advanced algorithms that are highly accurate and efficient. Our software has the potential to be the best DMIT software in the world. We offer DMIT test in India as well as worldwide. If you are confused about DMIT concepts, we provide free DMIT franchise consultation to assist you. We will now give you an overview of the different plans you can opt for DMIT.

Starter DMIT Software:

If you are an entrepreneur having a small organisation of 5-10 members, the starter plan is for you. For example, if you’re a private teacher and you want to find the DMIT test of your students, we can provide you with the software. After a one-time payment, you are free to use the software for a lifetime. We also provide the DMIT training and certification. However, if you need a fingerprint analysis and assessment report, we can make 70 pages advanced report for you for a small price. DMIT assessment reports will have our company watermark. These are ideal for those who want to have minimal usage of DMIT.

If you want to know more about DMIT regarding Starter Plan, click here.

Pro DMIT Software:

Pro plan is for organisations that have both small or medium size of individuals. It is similar to the Starter plan, except for the fingerprint analysis report. If you choose the Pro plan, there won’t be any watermark our company. Instead, the analysis report will have your company brand value. That is, it will contain the logo based on your company.

Like in the Starter plan, we offer DMIT software and DMIT certification. However, we do not provide report generation software or finger analysing DMIT software. There are some more limitations, like providing advanced training.

If you want to know about DMIT regarding Pro DMIT Plan, click here.

Business DMIT Software:

The business plan is the most recommended plan for organizations. It has all features of the Starter and the Pro plan. Also, the fingerprint analysis report is free. Other features include providing report generation DMIT software and finger analysing DMIT software . The Business plan offers not only fingerprint assessment but also an advanced variety of reports.

Those who purchase this plan also can receive advanced DMIT software training. There are tests and assessments for the same. If you finish the training, you are qualified to be CDC(Certified Dermatoglyphics Consultant). It will help the professionals to have their DMIT Practice. However, there are certain limitations to this plan. The organization will not have DMIT software distribution rights or franchise management.

If you want to know about DMIT regarding Business Plan, click here.

Corporate DMIT Software:

The Corporate DMIT Software Plan has all features of Starter, Pro and Business plan. Multiple Users can access the DMIT software, and they also have software distribution rights. They also have franchise management. This plan is ideal for corporate companies amassing a large number of individuals. This plan offers training, advanced training and certification. They are in complete control of the software, and they can make changes to it if needed.

If you want to know about DMIT regarding Corporate Plan, click here.

How is Mastermind Group different from other DMIT Companies?

Mastermind Group has experience in working with more than 1000 retail DMITs. They also work in various schools and NGOs, providing the counsellors with the tool they need. Our team of experts comprise of different fields, mainly from Psychology, Information Technology, Dermatology and Marketing. Mastermind Group ensures that the individuals opting for DMIT software are given utmost importance and help whenever they need it.

Apart from that, Mastermind Group employs technology to make the DMIT user-friendly to individuals. We have a mobile app based on fingerprint scanning, a DMIT website, blogs to update you about DMIT and animated videos/reports that can be customized to your brand. As mentioned, we have customer support that helps in technical areas. If you want to learn more about DMIT , please approach us.

Mastermind Group also conduct workshops, counselling, training regarding DMIT in India. We also provide materials like PowerPoint presentations, training videos and research papers. Being one of the best DMIT company in India as well as worldwide, we serve our customers with the utmost importance and care.

If you like the blog, please do share and also comment if you have any queries. Please check our DMIT website to know about plans and details regarding DMIT software. We at Mastermind Group are ready to help you in your ventures.

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