DMIT & Counselling in Pune Maharashtra

DMIT Counselling in Pune’s high-quality  educational institutions attract thousands of students from across India and even abroad every year. Mastermind Group is now offering DMIT Test & Counselling in Pune, Maharashtra. Mastermind Group is known for its excellent Counselling service, with the help of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT). Maharashtra’s Pune city has a number of other deemed varsities and private institutions of higher education that are extremely popular among Indian as well as international students.

DMIT Counselling in Pune, Maharashtra

Mastermind Group is glad to introduce the concept of DMIT to Pune Maharashtra.

Looking for DMIT Course in Pune?

Mastermind Group offers the best DMIT Test in Pune, Maharashtra. Our DMIT Test cost in Pune is minimal, as our experts do DMIT for the benefits of Students / People in a state of confusion. Mastermind Group has it’s own DMIT Center and DMIT Lab in Pune, Maharashtra.

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What is DMIT?

DMIT (Dermatoglyphic Multiple  Intelligence Test) is a science through which, we at, Mastermind Group, study the patterns present on our fingers. There are 5 lobes in our brain – Prefrontal, Frontal, Parietal, Temporal, and Occipital. As our brain is divided into 2 parts – Left Brain & Right Brain, these 5 lobes are also divided into 2 parts each. These lobes are developed between the 13th to 19th weeks of gestation when a child is in the mother’s womb. The fingerprints are also developed simultaneously. To know more, Click Brain Lobes and Its Function.

DMIT in Pune Maharashtra

The 10 parts of the brain (lobes) are connected with 10 fingers, wherein every finger is associated with a particular lobe of the brain. The DMIT analysis helps in understanding the innate potential of the individual. Moreover, since our fingerprints once formed, remain the same throughout our life, so is the result of the DMIT Test. It remains the same, even if you get it done again, a few years down the line.

DMIT Test helps one recognize their inborn potential and the Psychometric/ Aptitude Test helps them recognize their current interests. Hence, with the help of both, Psychometric/ Aptitude Test and DMIT, the kids of Pune, Maharashtra can get to know what they are most passionate about. These tests can help one understand his/her comfort zones and hence choose a successful learning style, acquiring style, and plan the career path at an early age.

DMIT test also gives an analysis of one’s brain potential, behavioral pattern, and SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats. It also gives an understanding of personality, learning style, and growth potential in various areas. DMIT Test can be done at any age – toddlers, kids, and adults. However, the need or purpose is different for various age brackets.

Scope of DMIT in Pune Maharashtra

DMIT in Pune, Maharashtra or any part of the world is a very important tool to assess one’s Innate Potential. There are various applications of DMIT in Pune:

  • Career Counselling – Career Counselling is the need of the hour. Hence, DMIT in Pune, Maharashtra can be a wonderful tool to identify the best-suited career options for an individual based on his/ her inborn intelligence.
  • Behavior Counselling – The DMIT Test can determine the behavior of an individual and hence, DMIT is an excellent means for Behavior Counselling.
  • Academic Counselling – Every child is different and hence we can tailor-make their learning programs through DMIT in Jakarta Indonesia. DMIT will thus help in achieving academic excellence.
  • Couple/Relationship Counselling –  Today we find that life in metro cities is quite different and challenging. The increasing differences between the couples have raised the demand for counselors. Hence, DMIT Test in Jakarta, Indonesia is the best tool to understand each other scientifically and rise above the differences.

Is DMIT Test Reliable?

We all know that no two fingerprints are same. Fingerprints are used to identify a person, because they are unique and constant in one lifetime. Retina in eyes are also unique. That’s why some high profile bank vaults & accounts have passwords involving impression of eye retina and fingerprint.

If we observe people closely, we can conclude that no 2 humans behave in perfectly same way all the time. Their reactions, thoughts are different. Our actions, thoughts, behavior are governed by our brain. So we can say that every person’s brain functions in unique way. There are three main unique things in our body- fingerprints, retina, brain. There is high probability that these three are connected with each other. And scientists have found connections between fingerprints and brain by observing millions of people.

If fingerprints and brain are unique, how can there be science which will calculate brain functions from fingerprints that are seen for the first time?
Every fingerprint is unique, that’s true. But they have similar shapes. Check your all 10 fingerprints. You will find at least two fingers with similar shapes of prints. Its like when we make roti or chapati by hand, all are approximately round; but no 2 rotis have exactly identical shape. So as all round rotis looks similar, all people with similar shape of fingerprint behave in similar pattern but not in exact same way.
Scientists have found these similar patterns and thus brain functions can be calculated of the new person.

Our complete behavior is broadly a combination of two factors, first is our nature/inborn brain structure which is internal factor and second is teachings of our parents, teachers, society which are external factors. Out of these two, we can know external factor easily by Mastermind’s Psychometric Assessment (MPA) and Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) can help us know the internal factor.

What Parents Understands From DMIT?

  • Sending their children to multiple classes regardless of their talent & interest is not the best approach.
  • It is a high cost action yet does not provide any solid solution.
  • It also makes the children over-stressed.
  • Can their children absorb as per the input.
  • We all have some talents
  • No one has all talents
DMIT Counselling in Pune

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DMIT in Pune

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