TFRC is the reflection of a person’s inborn learning capacity, commonly known as “Neocortex Brain cell Capacity”. It is our inborn neuron capacity. At birth, 100 billion nerve cells in our cerebral cortex set about wiring incredibly complex circuits (5,000 to 10,000 connections to each nerve cell).

Through learning mechanisms in the brain, the brain continues to rewire and change its circuitry throughout our life. Therefore, learning is important to stimulate the linkage of our neurons.

When Scientists examined Albert Einstein’s brain, they discovered it was smaller than most people’s, however it had about 20 to 25% more neuron connections than most human brains.

TFRC Inborn Potential Remarks
<60 Low Need special learning styles
61-70 Average Need step by step learning
71-90 Above Average Have right expectation from self
91-140 Good Learn from inspiration
141- 180 Very Good Lead others and help them achieve
181-200 Excellent Explore your hidden potential
200+ Outstanding Can reach to the height of success.

The value of TFRC does not directly represent a person's IQ but it is an indication of individual inborn capacity. An individual with TFRC lower than 60 needs to b patient in their learning process and get sufficient stimulation and reinforcement. Individuals with TFRC 180 and above have high learning capacity and short-term memory. Through learning, the brain will create and organize the synaptic connections in response to extrinsic circumstances. Arch type pattern fingerprint indicates a potential value between zero to infinity. It represents that particular potential is high in plasticity.

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