• Learn by listening to verbal instructions.
  • Remember by forming the sounds of words.
  • You find it easy to remember names but forget faces.
  • You often do well working out solutions or problems by taking them out.
  • In most circumstances, you need to hear yourself say it in order to effectively commit to memory.
  • You may find yourself reading aloud instead of reading silently, talking to yourself, or repeating instructions to make sure you understand them.
  • Ask questions to the professors in order to gain understanding.
  • Ask follow-up questions, if necessary.
  • The discussion cements the information for you.
  • You are distracted by noise and often need to work where it is relatively quiet.
  • However, you benefit from listening to lectures, dialogues and plays, using audio recording and videos, etc, participating in group discussions


  • Attend classes, discussions, and tutorials. Your notes may be poor because you prefer to listen. Expand them
    by talking with others and collecting notes from the textbook.
  • Consider finding a "note-taking study partner" in each class who will be your backup for filling in things you missed in class.
  • Put facts or dates into a song, a rap, or a rhythm to aid memorization.
  • Record class lectures make your own audio recordings by reading your notes and textbook information onto a recorder.
  • Review these records in your car or on a headset, whenever you can, to be ready for a test.
  • Use recorded books whenever possible. When studying by yourself, read textbooks and notes out loud. Repeat facts with your eyes closed.
  •  Join a study group or study with a partner to review information, notes, texts, etc.


  • Imagine talking with the examiner.
  • Listen to your voice and write down the answers.
  • Spend time in quiet places recalling the ideas.
  • Listen to audio CDs while exercising.
  • Speak your answers aloud inside your head.


  • Oral Exams are recommended.


  • Reading passages and writing answers in a timed test.
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